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Surf Camp with Mihai

join the first certified surf instructor from Romania

Peniche, Portugal

european capital of the waves



4 – 11 June

21 – 28 September


495 EUR


Friendly waves, incredible sunsets, unforgettable surfer parties & yoga sessions 


the plan

waves & babes


Surf Pack

A complete surf holiday

– consistent surf and very friendly waves

– trustworthy and patient instructors

– visit Peniche Castle / Baleal island / surfboard factory 


Package includes

– surf course 5 days (2x2hrs / day)

– accommodation 7 nights (self catering)

– airport transfer (from Lisbon)

– daily shuttle to the surfspots

– accident insurance

– one yoga session (2hrs)

– photo / video sessions

Camp Schedule


Day 1

– check-in, getting to know the location & the team

– welcome drinks


Days 2-6

– technical meeting: WHERE is the best surf and WHY

– 2 surf session per day, for five days

– one day reserved for trips to Baleal Island, Peniche Castle or other destinations

– sunset parties, drinks & barbecue

(transportation to surf spots included, lunch NOT included)


Day 7

Check-out, the long way home, wind in our sails



The schedule is flexible and will be decided by the group, according to swell, wind & weather conditions and the technical level of participants

Information will be delivered the same for everybody, but progress depends on physical readiness and waves.


wave capital


swell chance


long beaches

sunny days

Why Peniche?

Renowned as the wave capital of Europe, Peniche is a spot with perfect waves for the beginner and intermediate surfer, offshore winds and with more than 10 km of sandy beaches and 2 big bays.

Peniche is also a place of great natural beauty and amazing landscape that gets more than 260 sunshine days a year.

What’s a swell?

Mechanical waves that propagate along the interface between water and air, so they are often referred to as surface gravity waves.


Generated by weather systems that are far away, and propagate to large distance.


A swell does not depend on local weather conditions, so it produces predictable and stable waves.

Available flights

from Bucharest


Blue Air 

4 IUN:  (0B 157) OTP 07:05 -> LIS 09:55

11 IUN: (0B 158) LIS 11:00 -> OTP 17:10


21 SEPT: (0B 157) OTP 20:05 -> LIS 22:45

28 SEPT: (0B 158) LIS 23:35 -> OTP 05:45



 4 IUN:  OTP 15:10 -> LIS 17:50

11 IUN: LIS 18:30 -> OTP 00:45


21 SEPT: OTP 15:10 -> LIS 17:40

28 SEPT: LIS 18:30 -> OTP 00:45


Airport transfer to/from Peniche is included for the preferred flights and it is adapted so both flights use the same shuttle. Some waiting time might be required.


the villa

our host


A surfer’s dream:

– probably the best team of Surf instructors in Portugal

– studios that with private kitchen and bathroom

– ocean view terrace

– barbecue place

– lounge area


We’ll just add the energy and the camp vibes!

surf’s up

catch every wave


meet the waves

+ safety rules: how to be friends he ocean with the ocean

+ paddling correctly: go behind the waves with minimal effort

+ how to catch a wave

+ stand-up and ride your first wave!


ride the waves

+ “read” the ocean & the swell

+ improve the paddling technique

+ first wave maneuvers and carve on the wave


yoga sessions

+ improve your mobility 

+ improve your balance

+ stretch your muscles and relax after your surf lessons


Still got questions?


for more info, get in touch with Mihai aka Butch

phone +40 725 565 254

mail ghtmihai@gmail.com



catch the swell

Surf Camp package – 495 EUR

love the ocean


Lessons & Activities

surf lessons for beginners & intermediates

– island trips

– one yoga session



– chose from high quality RipCurl wetsuits

– special beginner boards, designed to ease you progress


Photo Sessions

– photo album of all activities and your progress



– airport transfer for the recommended flights

– surf insurance

– daily transport to the surf-spots 


How to register

do it quickly


Limited seats – 16 / week

Registration is valid upon transferring a 100 EUR downpayment

the remainder in as many “installments” as you wish (yeah, zero rate)



dates are a bit flexible


Your first name:

Your family name:


Phone Number

Traveling alone or in a group / couple


- pick a group name
- each person will register separately, using the same group name

Group name:

Info about the group:
- how many couples are in the group
- any preference on how to be split into rooms

Ask us or tell us anything: