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Kiteboarding takes you to amazing places, clears your mind and connects you with the four elements:


– water

– wind / air

– sand / earth

– sun / fire


Stay with the fresh winds, ride with us!

Fuerteventura kite camp 2016

video by Shred Mind & Fresh-Meat



More time at the bar

come for the kiting, stay for the vibes

you do not need kite course or coaching

Before you start

– you are an independent rider and can confidently use a kite

– ideally, you should be able to self-land and self-rescue



Kite more

don’t stop

– see new places to kite or enjoy the same destination from a new angle 

– have great sessions together with a happy bunch of riders and push each-other to try new tricks and moves


More fun


– beautiful landscapes for your selfies

– group dinners with great cuisine

– aquaparks, clubs, pubs, you name it, we do it


Fresh ideas

something to remember

– kite photo sessions

– sunrise & sunset riding whenever the conditions allow

– impressive & unique moonlight kiting in the Sotavento lagoon

– pool parties, BBQ parties



First steps on the water

semi-private, 2 students / kite

learn kite basics up to your first lines on the water

Before you start

– swimming at least brass and being friends with water (and soap)

– no respiratory or random crisis medical conditions (epilepsy, etc.)




IKO 1A – 1C

– understand wind basics

– evaluate the spot and dangers

– get familiar with the kite, prepare it for flight

– understand the safety systems of the kite

– help others to launch & land a kite

– fly a kite for the first time



IKO 1C – 1E

– launch and fly the kite

– understand the wind window and dangers

– use the safety systems with the kite powered up 

– land the kite and pack it for storage



IKO 2F – 2I

– re-launch the kite from the water

– body dragging: moving through the water by using the kite

– water start: moving on the water with a board on your feet



Go Higher, Further

learn transitions and going upwind

first jumps and advanced transitions

Before you start

– you’re familiar with the waterstart & basic safety techniques

– you can ride on the water, but you want more advanced moves




IKO 3J – 3K

– fine-tuning your board and kite control

– improve your edging and going upwind

– linking runs with fluid transitions



IKO 3L – 3N

– clean transitions

– toeside riding & carved turns

– self-launch & deep-water safety


Intro to freestyle & strapless

IKO 4.1 – 4.9

– loaded or boosted beginner jumps

– jumps with grabs, air transitions

– intro to strapless and wave riding

– rider & board recovery


Progression sessions follow a workshop model

Each new skill will be introduced & studied only when appropriate


    Canary Islands   


A unique kiteboarding experience on a magical island


1-13 June / 14-26 June 2020


590 EUR 2-bedroom apartment

640 EUR double room

740 EUR private studio

~12 days  / person, include

– villa right on the ocean’s shore
– group organization & island guiding
– photo album

790 EUR optional kite coaching

8 to 10 days / depending on wind

– includes equipment (kite, harness, board)
– kiting every day when there is wind
– special kite sessions (sunrise, full moon, etc)
– photo album


all prices are per person

Kiteboarding Conditions

– top 10 worldwide kite destination

– home of international competitions

– huge lagoon with flat water, max 1.2m deep

– wave or flat-offshore spots for advanced riders

– ride at full moon during 13/14 august

– ride at sunrise in the lagoon or at sunset in La Pared

Wind Statistics

– 90% chance of strong wind in August

– most used kites are in the 6m to 10m range


– Villa Esmeralda in a private sea-side location

– direct access to the ocean

– privately booked only for us

– double rooms in shared apartments, self catering

– garden and huge lounge for spending evening together


– flying is the only way to get to the island

– popular connections from many European cities

– we’ll use local car rentals to travel around, cost will be shared

Other things to do

With its Mars-like volcanoes and mountains and long stretches of wild, lonely beaches, Fuerteventura feels like piece of another world that somehow fell to Earth.

Part of the Canary islands, it enjoys almost 360 sunny days per year, with a dry, salty air cleaned by the constant trade winds.


– day trip to Oasis Wildlife, one of the largest zoos in Europe

– visit Cuevas de Ajuy, 70 million years-old caves

– off-road trip to Cofete, one of the most remote beaches on the island

– see the sunrise and sunset in the same day

– enjoy the sun on wide, golden, sandy beaches




Kiteboarding with the blessing of the ancient Gods


2020 dates to be announced



– bed & breakfast
– double rooms in shared apartments
– barbecue night
– group organization
– spot tax
– photo album


kite course or coaching

– kiting every day when there is wind
– includes equipment (kite, harness, board, vest, helmet)
– spot tax
– photo album

accommodation + kite course
(buy together and save)


prices are per person

Kiteboarding Conditions

– one of the best places to kite in Greece

– friendly kitespots in the north

– advanced kitespot at Prasonisi in the south

– wide beaches and blue water

– lots of space to practice

Wind Statistics

– 80% chance of strong wind in July

– most used kites are in the 10m to 12m range


Area Blue Beach Apartments in Ialyssos

– bed & breakfast

– close to the beach

– double rooms in shared apartments



– flying is the easiest way to get to the island

– there are direct flights or from many European cities

– by car there is a ferry from Athens, book in advance

– we’ll use local car rentals to travel around, cost will be shared


Recommended flights from Bucharest:

– Direct charter from Paralela 45

Aegean Airlines, 1h pass-through in Athens (no need to re-check-in)


Other things to do

This is one of the best kitesurfing/windsurfing spots in Europe. The probability of good winds during the peak season in July and August is unmatched. 


– enjoy nature in Petaloudes, the Valley of Butterflies

– if you like history, go to the ancient city of Kamiros

– take a trip to Prasonisi, to the south of the island

– ask WetSkillz for scuba diving, sunrise paddle, SUP, etc.




A kite trip with Mediterranean flavors


2020 dates to be announced



– bed & breakfast
– villa right at the kite spot, 50 meters to water
– swimming pool

– double rooms in shared apartments
– group organization
– spot tax
– photo album


kite course or coaching

– kiting every day when there is wind
– equipment (kite, harness, board, vest, helmet)
– spot tax
– photo album


accommodation + kite course
(buy together and save)


prices are per person

Kiteboarding Conditions

– 300 windy days / year, from 15 to 30 knots

– Lo Stagnone lagoon with flat, shallow water

– perfect for beginners

– safe to try new moves for intermediates

– 12km downwinder on request, book in advance

Wind Statistics

– 60% chance of good wind in September

– be prepared for around 2 days without wind

– most used kites are in the 10m to 12m range


Santa Maria Resort, right next to the lagoon

– 2-room or 3-room apartments for 4 to 6 people

– one private apartment for 2 people

– swimming pool

– breakfast included


– flying is the easiest way to get to the island

– there are direct flights or from many European cities

– we’ll use local car rentals to travel around, cost will be shared


Recommended flights from Bucharest

– outbound: Ryanair 8501 / OTP 11:55 – PMO 13:10

– inbound: Ryanair 8502 / PMO 13:35 – OTP 16:50

Other things to do

Rich with history and traditions and spoiling us with incredible gastronomy, Sicily has something to offer for everyone.


– visit Palermo, Erice or other history-rich places

– enjoy the amazing local cuisine and great wine

– day trip to the picture-perfect beach of San Vito di Capo

– sunrise paddle, SUP expeditions, etc., on demand locally

Kiteboarding is better with friends

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Kiteboarding FAQ


Camps are the right environment to learn a new action sport or to get better at it if you already ride. The instructors get to know you more deeply for a better teaching experience and you are always surrounded by people doing the same sport, encouraging each other. 




As much as we can. Kiteboarding does not require too much strength, but due to being exposed to the sun, wind and water, each session can get tiring fast. Therefore, the teaching time is maximum 4 hours / day.

Additionally, after 3 consecutive days of kiting, one day is reserved for other activities or simply riding.




We try to keep things personal and high quality.

– beginner courses: IKO standards allow 2 students per Level 1 instructor and up to 4 students for instructors Level 2 and above. In any case, no more than 2 students per kite.
– coaching sessions for intependent riders and up have a maximum of 4 students per instructor

Occasionally we may have to work with 3 beginners per instructor, but no more than 2 students per kite, so everybody has enough time to practice.




Progress in any action sport is dependent on your personal physical and psychological fitness. Remember you are here to have a good time.

– most beginners, under normal conditions, try their first water-start in day 3 or 4 of the course

– for intermediate riders – learning the basics of a new transition or easy trick can take around one day.




YES ! There will be side activities that will complete the experience, even for non-kiters (spouses, children, etc.). On any kite trip you have to be prepared for some days with no wind, so the side activities are an integral part of our kite camp concept. These depend on the destination and can include
– visiting lesser known places
– enjoying the local cuisine
– other sports such as SUP, scuba, wakeboarding, surf, etc.

Travel Tips


– pack light, you don’t need too many clothes in the summer
– if you have your own equipment, you can put everything you have in the boardbag, including clothing
– for couples or groups, sharing the hold luggage is your cheaper option; put all your clothes in one person’s normal luggage, and all equipments in the other person’s boardbag




Sign up for an insurance policy designed for action sports, ideally it would include third-party liability.

Refund Policy

Any kite trip is subject to weather variability. So be prepared to enjoy some days without wind.


For the kite course or coaching sessions, the following milestones will be observed, whichever comes first:

– up to 1 windy day OR teaching up to beach-fly (1C): 60% refund
– up to 2 windy days OR teaching up to body-drag (2G): 40% refund
– minimum 3 windy days OR teaching up to water-start (2I): NO REFUND

Refund applies only to the value of the kite course or coaching.


Example: we had two very windy days and we managed to teach you the waterstart – this means no refund. It also means we will continue teaching you for the duration of the camp :)


We will fully refund any deposit payments in case the kite trip is canceled by the organizers. There will be no refunds for any other reasons.

How to register

you do it FAST


Limited availablity, maximum 14 people

Registration is valid after a down-payment of 200 EUR

you’ll receive more info on e-mail after registration



Destination & period


Kite course option


Do you need kite equipment? (harness + kite + board)

What are your measurements?


Your first name

Your family name


Phone Number

Traveling alone or in a group / couple


- pick a group name
- each person will register separately, using the same group name

Group name:

Info about the group:
- how many couples are in the group
- any preference on how to be split into rooms

Ask us or tell us anything: