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    the PLAN 


a kitesurfing trip

with mediteraneean flavors


11-18 / 18-25 September

Marsala, Sicily


340 EUR bed & breakfast

optional semi-private kite course +590 EUR

max. 2 students / instructor


optional kite trips to various spot       

+ friendly lagoon with shallow water

+ apartments right at the kite spot (see details)

+ bed & breakfast

+ semi-private kitesurfing course for beginners

+ focused workshops for intermediate riders

+ photo/video sessions

register & enjoy great discounts
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First steps on the water

semi-private, max. 2 students / instructor

you either ride or get feedback – no waiting times


Before you start

– swimming at least brass and being friends with water (and soap)

– no respiratory or random crisis medical conditions (epilepsy, etc.)



Stage 1 – novice

why the kite flies, how to stay safe

+ wind window – wind directions & types, positioning against the wind

+ kite rigging – getting to know the equipment, preparing the equipment for flight

+ safety – information and systems related to safety on the water, safety drills, helping yourself, helping others


Stage 2 – pilot

fly the kite

+ launch & re-launch, landing – safely getting the kite into the air, and on the ground again, in groups of two

+ beach fly – flying the kite while standing on land or in the water, with the help of another student


Stage 3 – independent rider

your first moments as a kite-boarder

+ body dragging – moving through the water by using the kite, without a board

+ water start – moving on the water with a board on your feet


beginner courses are semi-private, in groups of 2 students / coach

this guarantees a deep, personal and efficient learning experience 



Freedom & Fun

semi-private course for intermediates / freeride

riding upwind, transitions, first jumps


Before you start

– you’re familiar with the water-start & basic safety techniques

– you can ride on the water, but you can’t go upwind to get back to your starting point 


Stage 1 – freeride

+ evaluate your technical level

+ fine-tuning your stance on the board and your kite control

+ edging and going upwind, so you can get back to your starting point

+ linking runs with fluid transitions


Stage 2 – a little fun

+ down-loop transitions

+ toeside riding

+ carved turns

+ loaded or boosted beginner jumps


intermediate & advanced sessions follow a workshop model

each new skill will be introduced & studied only when appropriate  



Italian flavors


Rich with history and traditions and spoiling us with incredible gastronomy, Sicily has something to offer for everyone.



For kiteboarding

– 300 windy days / year, from 15 to 30 knots

– 70% chance of wind, so up to 2-3 no wind days / week

Lo Stagnone lagoon with flat, shallow water

– perfect for beginners

 safe to try new moves for intermediates

For everybody / no-wind activities

– enjoy the local cuisine and refined wines

– visit ancient temples and the old town of Palermo

– enjoy a picture-perfect beach at San Vito di Capo 

Getting to Marsala


Fly to one of the airports in Sicily and then rent a car.


Closest airports are Palermo and Trapani, maximum one-hour drive.

Catania is also an option, though it’s further away.


There are direct flight from many capitals in Europe to Palermo or Catania.


Travel tips

– pack as light as you can, but in September the evenings can get a bit chilly

– if you have your own equipment, you can put everything you have in the boardbag

– for couples or groups, sharing the hold luggage is your cheaper option; put all your clothes in one person’s normal luggage, and all equipments in the other person’s boardbag

– we’ll provide al the gear for beginners

    The VILLA  


Santa Maria Resort


A cozy complex of villas and apartments right in the kite spot.


+ 2-room or 3-room apartments for 4 to 6 people

+ kitchenette in each apartment

+ swimming pool

+ breakfast is included

bed & breakfast 340 EUR

optional semi-private kite course +590 EUR

optional kite safari & downinder



Enjoy a week of relaxed southern living and visit the history-rich Sicily.



Bed & breakfast right at the kite spot. Apartments for 4 or 6 people.



Semi-private courses for beginners. Focused sessions for intermediates.


Photo & Video sessions

Re-live the kite trip with a photo album. Or re-live it again for real in 2019 :)


How to register

you do it FAST


Limited availablity, maximum 14 people

Registration is valid after a down-payment of 200 EUR

you’ll receive more info on e-mail after registration