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kite-mission camp


LEFKADA island, Greece

22 – 29 july or 29 july – 5 aug // 590 EUR

290 EUR partner/spouse package per week (without kite course)


a concept by H2O RomaniaFresh-Meat

Surf Mission aims to bring you the perfect kiteboarding, surfing, SUP and wakeboarding camp series! Take your trips up to the next level, throw in the call and comforts of world-famous resorts, plus premium courses in water sports.


the plan

wind on a schedule

Anchors away!


The hottest kite camp in sunny Greece:

+ our own reserved kite spot at Ag. Nikolaos

+ trustworthy and patient instructors

+ top-notch equipment from Slingshot & Crazy Fly


+ bed & breakfast at Hotel Kleopatra

+ double rooms or group apartments

+ pool party & barbecue evening


+ group trip to explore the beautiful island

+ Stand-Up Paddle trips

+ photo sessions & camp video



+ 10% off any Slingshot or Red Paddle product

+ 20% off any Crazy Fly or Ripcurl product

+ discounts offered through H2O shop


Camp Schedule


We strongly recommend booking a two weeks, if possible. Kiteboarding is a complex sport and it requires patience, determination – and wind!

Booking two weeks makes it almost certain that you will get enough windy days to achieve your kiting objectives.


Arrival day – saturday

– check-in, getting to know the location & the team

– group dinner


During the camp

– kiteboarding, of course! aprox. between 13:00 and 18:00

– SUP sessions in the morning, until the wind comes

– group trip around the island

– pool party & barbecue


Island trip, around days 3 and 10

We’ll pick different destinations each time so we don’t get bored. Exact trip days & schedule depend on wind forecast.


Departure day – saturday

Check-out and the long way home



The schedule is flexible and will be decided by the group, according to wind & weather conditions and the technical level of participants

Information will be delivered the same for everybody, but progress depends on physical readiness and wind strength


What if no wind? Price will be reduced to 400 EUR / week if you get less than 6 hours of kite time / week (equivalent to 3 windy days). A good windy week should give you around 10-12 hours of kite time.

watch our Lefkada edit from July 2016



the island


wind chance


friendly winds


average temp

Why Lefkada?

An easy to reach island with friendly winds and crystal water

Thermal wind

As dry land gets hot from the sun, the increasingly warmer air rises and is replaced with cooler air from the sea.


It’s a very predictable and stable type of wind, without gusts.


One big advantage – it always blows on-shore, so you can’t get stranded out at sea :)

A beautiful island

Who’s not into kiting can have fun on the water with the SUPs, snorkeling, or can check out various interesting places on the island:

– the castle of Agia Mavra / Santa Maura

– an incredible beach at Porto Katsiki, only accessible by 347 steps

– villages (and restaurants) of Poros, Nidri or Ligia, and others

– and we’re leaving some surprises unspoilt…


Hotel Kleopatra

 our hosts

You’ll find everything you need for a great holiday:

+ modern hotel overlooking the Ag. Nikolaos bay

+ spacious rooms

+ tasty breakfast to start the day

+ pool & barbecue parties to end the day


… while during the day we’ll be riding the waves!


more time at the bar


groups of 4 students / instructor, split in pairs

4-5h of water time / day / group

we’ll provide all the equipment


photo: Fresh-Meat


 First steps on the water


Before you start

– swimming at least brass and being friends with water (and soap)

– no respiratory or random crisis medical conditions (epilepsy, etc.)



Stage 1 – novice

why the kite flies, how to stay safe

+ wind window – wind directions & types, positioning against the wind

+ kite rigging – getting to know the equipment, preparing the equipment for flight

+ safety – information and systems related to safety on the water, safety drills, helping yourself, helping others


Stage 2 – pilot

fly the kite

+ launch & re-launch, landing – safely getting the kite into the air, and on the ground again, in groups of two

+ beach fly – flying the kite while standing on land or in the water, with the help of another student


Stage 3 – independent rider

your first moments as a kite-boarder

+ body dragging – moving through the water by using the kite, without a board

+ water start – moving on the water with a board on your feet


each stage takes around 2 days

all stages will be done in groups of two riders, so one can assist the other and together you can be independent as fast as possible

after the pilot stage, an instructor can watch over two groups / kites simultaneously


4 seats/ week

groups of 4 students / instructor

your own kite gear is recommended


photo: Fresh-Meat


 Discover freedom – go upwind


Before you start

– you’re familiar with the water-start & basic safety techniques

– you can ride on the water, but you can’t go upwind to get back to your starting point 



Stage 1

+ evaluate your technical level

+ fine-tuning your stance on the board and your kite control

+ edging and going upwind, so you can get back to your starting point

+ linking runs with fluid transitions


Stage 2

+ down-loop transitions

+ toeside riding

+ carved turns

+ loaded or boosted beginner jumps


Safety stage

+ deep-water self-rescue, with & without kite pack-down

+ what to do when kites get tangled (hint: release!)

+ recovering a board

+ getting another rider to shore by body-dragging


you re now a complete rider, ready for the sea

the team

we’ll hold your harness

Mircea aka Piki

An experienced rider and patient friend

Mircea aka Piki
Dan Marcu aka Marcu

Stay calm, Marcu is here

Dan Marcu aka Marcu

German precision


Blondie and goldie


watch our kite launch tips

watch our water-start tutorial


fast as the wind

kite camp package – 590 EUR / week

partner/spouse package – 290 EUR / week (without kite course)


Kite-boarding activities

intro kite session for beginners in Romania, before the camp

beginner courses in groups of 2 people / kite, around 2-3h / day

intermediate course in groups of 4 people

– safety drills


Group Activities

SUP sessions on blue waters

– island trips to places such as the Nydri waterfall, Ag. Vasiliki, Porto Tzatziki beach, etc.



Equipment & Discounts

free-to-use gear during the lessons

10% discount on any Slingshot or Red Paddle product

20% discount on any Crazy Fly or Ripcurl product

– discounts offered through H2O Shop


Photo & Video

– photo album of all activities and your progress

video edit after the camp


How to register

do it quickly


Limited seats – 12 / week

Registration is valid upon transferring a 100 EUR downpayment

the remainder in as many “installments” as you wish (yeah, zero rate)




Your name & surname:


Phone Number

How good yout think your kiteboarding is

Traveling alone or in a group / couple


- pick a group name
- each person will register separately, using the same group name

Group name:

Info about the group:
- how many couples are in the group
- any preference on how to be split into rooms


Where are you coming from?

How are you planning to get to the camp?

If this is your car, how many other participants can you take with you?


Do you have your own equipment (harness + kite + board)?

What are your measurements?

Ask us or tell us anything: